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Day 6: The War of the Operating Systems III


I did not write this post yesterday night before I went to bed – as I do everyday. In nut summary, I briefly lost the war of the operating systems – tried with virtual box, had it installed but then when I tired to install the Windows XP installer cd, the Virtual Box did not recognize it as a bootable medium. I’m guessing that there is something here that I don’t quite comprehend. Then I became impatient and went with the Boot Camp – then after the partitioning, a doomed black screen came up with the message: “No bootable medium detected. Please insert Cd and press any key..”. Then, Oh my lord! No matter what I pressed I could never go back to the former Mac screen. I took the ancient Chinese saying to heart : “When in confusion, take a pillow and go to bed” – and went to bed.

I woke up, took my brother lap (thank God he’s here now) – and found that only I had to do was to press the Alt/Option key during the startup. ┬áThus, I am working on my Mac now. In my life, I never get anything done in straight steps. I have to work extra hard to get anything done. If it is a simple installation, I have to go through three installations, four boot ups and twenty five cups of coffees to get that done. But I don’t worry about it – I end up learning much about the task than anyone else.

So I am kind of back to where I began from – I need to find a bootable windows installer CD. And I should be ok now.

I enjoyed the gym yesterday – it was great. I also like the gym for the people there _ gives me a great society here – which I don’t have otherwise.

Will write again later tonight


Day 5: The War of the operating systems II


It’s no fun writing a blog with a stomach ache. I wonder if it would be different it was a blog on stomach ache. ┬áProbably not.

Anyhow, I have stomach ache because I ate too much. I ate too much because I was hungry after getting back from the gym. Yeah, you heard me right. I went to the gym – without the sneers of all those gits who saw me walk in again. And worked out. Boy! Does it feel good! I love how my joints and muscles feel now. Everything except my stomach feels fantastic. Now to make sure that I stick with this and that I eat, drink and live properly.

This is the fifth day since I started this blog and announced my goals for the next hundred days to the blogosphere, by which I mean of course to myself. I realize now that I really have nothing to communicate with others during this time – and hence am really not bothered by the traffic to my site (which is non existent). I am basically writing to myself and in doing so underscoring Covey’s principle of making achievable realistic goals. Now would be a good time to judge the status of my goals since a 5th day is 5% of my allotted time.

1) Gym – Started. Now to be regular, buy those proteins and grill hard hard…

2) Torsion – not really started. I did buy that book on finite element analysis, but haven’t even opened it. Though the most important and challenging among my goals, this is achievable nevertheless. I should have a plan for this, and have something to report by time line 10. (Day 10)

3) Short Story collection – if I need to have 20 stories by the end of 100 days, I should write a story at the rate of atleast one every five days. I already have one – albeit written way before now. So I am on the average track, but again, have one more – hopefully complete Laila by timeline 10.

4) Web design – since most of my days have been occupied by this designing dilemma – as you can easily see from my posts, this is on track. I finally figured out how to have windows installed on my Mac, through a program called Virtual Box. This would solve most of my issues – I could run Artisteer 3, Dreamweaver, ASP. Net and Abacus (for torsion) on my Mac now. Further, Virtual Desktop is free. I can get a Windows 7 installer from T. I did spent some time with Artisteer today – downloaded the Mac version as well, but couldn’t get the key anywhere. This is a gooood program. For one, it has no code requirements. Two, it let’s you an available template and modify it. Third, it has built in flash templates that can do a minimal yet beautiful job of furnishing your website. The background templates available are amazing. I think, this ought to do it. I can do the coding at some other time – when I am less constraint and more focused on adding functionality. I’ll keep you posted of course.

5) Fighting Depression – this is a lot harder than it sounds simply because I am not depressed now. A more appropriate title would be “maintaining positive attitude”. My key now is to uplift myself as the GITA calls for. The Gita has been a welcome surprise. Perhaps My first step would be to write about it. In a blog of course. That could be set as a goal for time line 10 as well.

6) General Relativity – I have Schaum’s Outlines Tensor Calculus – which is my gateway to relativity. I have been doing a few chapters at a time and is somewhere next to nowhere in this. This is a great book by the way. Always been a fan of Schaum’s. I am getting the hang of the subject. And the math is now tractable. General Relativity, here I come. For t-day 10, finish off tensor differentiation (including the problems).

Damn! Erasmus was right – the love of writing increases with writing itself. It’s almost as if I need to forcefully stop my fingers from typing any further. Stop…….!