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Day 44: Why do chinese twinks dress up gay?


I notice lot’s of chinese people everywhere – and there are a disproportionately higher number of chinese twinks around me given that I work in a university – who by most American standards would be considered gay. This is not in their mannerisms but in the way they dress. I saw a couple today and I swear to God, I couldn’t make up which was the guy and which was the girl. I guess this is where Singapore’s metrosexuality has led it to – to complete unisexual identity. Many kids dress up rather wierdly – very pronounced hair color, really tight fitting t-shirts, often very revealing tank tops, sometimes with even eye liners. Also, common is the caesar cut hair style – which I have seen in so much profusion only in American gay Bars.

Just when you think that they are gay, they will prop up a girl in either side and start making out. Perhaps the error lies in approaching fashion with prejudices in mind. For example, In India, it is quite common for men to walk holding hands. Of course, it is fast running out of fashion as a ‘gay awareness’ spreads through the middle class. Also, just out of necessity, it is quite common for men to share rooms and even beds in many cities, so it is in general not considered inappropriate to have some body contact, as long as it is the right parts that are touching 😉 I see guys racing along in motorbikes with the guy at the back tightly hugging the person in the front – and THIS IS NOT GAY! In the states, you would think twice about putting your arm around your buddy. Perhaps the western society is getting too sensitive about the whole gay thing.

I’m curious to see how the whole gay scene is like in Singapore. I just learned today that Grinder and Jacked are huge hits here as well – big shocker 😉 Sex somehow has a way of breaching cultural and linguistic barriers 🙂 If anyone has an idea of how to go about being gay in Singapore, do let me know….