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Day 36: Always a heartbeat away


My brother came today. As it always happens, I look forward to him coming and then we start fighting almost immediately. This is like a routine thing now.

The way I see it, your sibling is like the only person that you can claim to be your own. I don’t mean this in the sense that you possess him, but in the sense that you grow up with him, fight together, mature together, and share your life together. This may have happened by the circumstances of having been raised in the same household.

Y0us sibling is the first person to whom you misbehave, the first person that your experiment with hurt, the first person whom you fought with knowing fully well that you’ll make up the next day. The

The relationship with your brother or a sibling is something that you never stop trying to fix. It’s as if you are incomplete without it – like a part of your own soul is missing.

Of course, tomorrow we’ll be fine. And once I move away, we’ll call and talk to each other like before, as if we were never away. Always a heart beat away.