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Day 6: The War of the Operating Systems III


I did not write this post yesterday night before I went to bed – as I do everyday. In nut summary, I briefly lost the war of the operating systems – tried with virtual box, had it installed but then when I tired to install the Windows XP installer cd, the Virtual Box did not recognize it as a bootable medium. I’m guessing that there is something here that I don’t quite comprehend. Then I became impatient and went with the Boot Camp – then after the partitioning, a doomed black screen came up with the message: “No bootable medium detected. Please insert Cd and press any key..”. Then, Oh my lord! No matter what I pressed I could never go back to the former Mac screen. I took the ancient Chinese saying to heart : “When in confusion, take a pillow and go to bed” – and went to bed.

I woke up, took my brother lap (thank God he’s here now) – and found that only I had to do was to press the Alt/Option key during the startup. ┬áThus, I am working on my Mac now. In my life, I never get anything done in straight steps. I have to work extra hard to get anything done. If it is a simple installation, I have to go through three installations, four boot ups and twenty five cups of coffees to get that done. But I don’t worry about it – I end up learning much about the task than anyone else.

So I am kind of back to where I began from – I need to find a bootable windows installer CD. And I should be ok now.

I enjoyed the gym yesterday – it was great. I also like the gym for the people there _ gives me a great society here – which I don’t have otherwise.

Will write again later tonight