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Day 14: Java! Java! Drunk on Java!


I remember the first time I learnt C++, in my  twelfth grade, I had no idea what was being taught in the class. My teacher, the delightful Mrs S, would write a program to add two numbers, then subtract them and finally multiply three numbers. All of this could be done by a calculator – and I never understood for a time why we were going to such great lengths to find a substitute for mathematics. Then one day, it struck me – I was not doing these calculations – with a language, I was effectively communicating with my computer, was making the computer do the things that I wanted it to do for me. Of course, no one needs a program to add two numbers, but a program that would automatically display all the prime numbers that I wanted: it was amazing! I saw my computer for the first time as it was orginally created to do: as a computing machine! There was no stopping me from then, I went ahead of my class, my final year project was my own adaptation of the computer game Snakes! and it was  a huge hit among the guys! I finished the top of my class in computer science.

Of course, in the years that followed: totaling six, I completely lost touch with programing, until my PhD called forth a new level of programing from me. Then over the course of the last month, in the pursuit of designing my website, I came upon Java – and in a courtship lasting a few days, I completely fell in love with it. It’s soooo…amazing! Creating applets, drawing and designing stuff. Applets are the best!

I am just learning now – but I think I’ll try to redesign the Snake! game in Java and see where that is headed. Further, I might be able to integrate Finite Element analysis in Java and combine the two. This might give me a reason to study that as well and get on with Torsion!! Finally

By the way, had a good day at the gym and a generally good day so far.

Tomorrow is Time line 15. To think that it has already been 15 days since I started this blog! Time does fly (when you count it)

The rest of the goals are kinda slow, but expect for the short story part, everything is going somewhere at least. And that’s something, ain’t it?



Day 8: Java and the tensor


I came to find out quite accidentally that Mac has Java inbuilt into it’s system and that I don’t have to install a developer kit. I love my Mac all the more now. I have been having fun since yesterday night working with Java and learning how to program with it. So far, I have not learned anything that I didn’t know from C++. But the book that I am using – Programming with Java, E Balagurusamy  – is rather good and it does proceed in the later stages to Applets and other stuff. Can’t wait to reach there….

I am like doing this and that all the time. Morning is usually with Java. Then some Tensors. Then Gym, then this; that … Where did Java come from? I mean this wasn’t part of my original six things to do. Maybe I should start a new blog where I declare a new goal each day. A goal a day for 100 days. Would be the most useless blog that I have ever written or read.

I did process a bunch of stuff before time line 10 – a new short story, a blog about my depression and some progress on Solid Mech. ehem ehem…

Oh and gym was good today. My chest hurts. It feels soooo good!!