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Day 7: The tale of the two headed snake!


If I go on like this, I’ll soon end up writing my own operating system.

Ok, I probably won’t. (there is really no reason to do so anyway, all the present systems work just fine).

Today all the major websites of the world – wikipedia, reddit, even wordpress is observing a blackout to protest the SOPA and PIPA  bills. The power of the internet is amazing. Truly. Apparently Pirate Bay was one of the reasons why this bill was introduced, but get this  – I never knew if Pirate Bay until now, thanks to PIPA and SOPA, I not only came to know what that is, but also is happily downloading Windows 7 through utorrent as I speak. The power of the internet is amazing. Having said that, it would probably be the 100th day by the time I complete my windows download.

With the website temporarily out of the way, I am more focused on the General Relativity part now. Have been working to understand tensors – I have reached Reimann tensors in Schaums till now. It’s great progress considering where I was last time. It’s fun, but in the meanwhile, my own aptitude had increased, I think I am far more receptive to these information now – Which could be why I kind of follow it instantly. I am thinking more and more about manifolds and particularly about the intersection of manifolds. This seems an interesting problem – it is to me. At the heart of all of this, I have a gut feeling the properties of numbers are tied to the space in which they are embedded and that we have not identified what would be the invariant number theoretic properties from this perspective. I completely accept the fact that this could be another one of my false leads – but that’s ok. The information that I am gaining more than enough compensates for this. Plus, it always helps to work with a definite problem in mind. Makes your understanding solid.

Could there be a universe with two dimensions of time?

Think about this: we have three dimensions of space and only one dimension of time. (forming the famous four dimensional space time continuum). Even in advanced string theory, where there are eleven dimensions of space, there is only time dimension. Physically in a two time dimensional universe you could meet someone at the corner of X and Y (in city Z) at 10:00 am this time and 2:00 pm that time. (Whatever that might even). There is no point even trying to visualize it – you can’t. Far more than space, the concept of time is ingrained in our brain and evolution. (Think: Biological clock).

A possibility is that there maybe no time dimension at all. Time is – I’m just saying – just an illusion produced by something else. In that case, the number of time dimensions is actually zero. This is another reason for learning tensors – math might just be the way to study this. You could start with general variables and see how things change when you add or subtract extra variables.

I’m not hoping to achieve anything – In all probability, I won’t. But it’s fun to learn and to be able to talk and work in the same language as others. Also, there would be less things holding me back from understanding things I truly like – be it General relativity or continuum mechanics.

I’m expanding and I’m enjoying it. I’m hungry, very very hungry. 🙂


Day 5: The War of the operating systems II


It’s no fun writing a blog with a stomach ache. I wonder if it would be different it was a blog on stomach ache.  Probably not.

Anyhow, I have stomach ache because I ate too much. I ate too much because I was hungry after getting back from the gym. Yeah, you heard me right. I went to the gym – without the sneers of all those gits who saw me walk in again. And worked out. Boy! Does it feel good! I love how my joints and muscles feel now. Everything except my stomach feels fantastic. Now to make sure that I stick with this and that I eat, drink and live properly.

This is the fifth day since I started this blog and announced my goals for the next hundred days to the blogosphere, by which I mean of course to myself. I realize now that I really have nothing to communicate with others during this time – and hence am really not bothered by the traffic to my site (which is non existent). I am basically writing to myself and in doing so underscoring Covey’s principle of making achievable realistic goals. Now would be a good time to judge the status of my goals since a 5th day is 5% of my allotted time.

1) Gym – Started. Now to be regular, buy those proteins and grill hard hard…

2) Torsion – not really started. I did buy that book on finite element analysis, but haven’t even opened it. Though the most important and challenging among my goals, this is achievable nevertheless. I should have a plan for this, and have something to report by time line 10. (Day 10)

3) Short Story collection – if I need to have 20 stories by the end of 100 days, I should write a story at the rate of atleast one every five days. I already have one – albeit written way before now. So I am on the average track, but again, have one more – hopefully complete Laila by timeline 10.

4) Web design – since most of my days have been occupied by this designing dilemma – as you can easily see from my posts, this is on track. I finally figured out how to have windows installed on my Mac, through a program called Virtual Box. This would solve most of my issues – I could run Artisteer 3, Dreamweaver, ASP. Net and Abacus (for torsion) on my Mac now. Further, Virtual Desktop is free. I can get a Windows 7 installer from T. I did spent some time with Artisteer today – downloaded the Mac version as well, but couldn’t get the key anywhere. This is a gooood program. For one, it has no code requirements. Two, it let’s you an available template and modify it. Third, it has built in flash templates that can do a minimal yet beautiful job of furnishing your website. The background templates available are amazing. I think, this ought to do it. I can do the coding at some other time – when I am less constraint and more focused on adding functionality. I’ll keep you posted of course.

5) Fighting Depression – this is a lot harder than it sounds simply because I am not depressed now. A more appropriate title would be “maintaining positive attitude”. My key now is to uplift myself as the GITA calls for. The Gita has been a welcome surprise. Perhaps My first step would be to write about it. In a blog of course. That could be set as a goal for time line 10 as well.

6) General Relativity – I have Schaum’s Outlines Tensor Calculus – which is my gateway to relativity. I have been doing a few chapters at a time and is somewhere next to nowhere in this. This is a great book by the way. Always been a fan of Schaum’s. I am getting the hang of the subject. And the math is now tractable. General Relativity, here I come. For t-day 10, finish off tensor differentiation (including the problems).

Damn! Erasmus was right – the love of writing increases with writing itself. It’s almost as if I need to forcefully stop my fingers from typing any further. Stop…….!