Day 38: The fraternity of the ring


Ever since I heard about fraternities, way back when I was a child, I have wanted to be part of one. I was very drawn by the idea of brotherhood – of being united at the soul with a lot of other young people. Perhaps it was the loneliness that I used to feel growing up – Yes, it is true. I felt very lonely in my early teens and adolescence. I was surrounded by people, but lonely nevertheless. I was a very good student, had many friends, was fairly popular and had so much work to do that I hardly had the time to be lonely – but it was true – I felt that i was alone.

This was something that was purely a construct of my mind – the loneliness was in my mind alone. It is only now that this feeling as gone away.

What has happened that I feel so much better, though if you look at it rationally,


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