Day 35: A good day at the gym


I had a very good workout at the gym today. I feel tired and drained out. I love it. I have only been warming up and doing Abs routines.

Unfortunately, four months of home stay has affected my stomach significantly. I have a big belly now and am rightfully ashamed of it.

It’s funny how hard it is to get a good body but so easy to lose it. I’m very excited about singapore. And for all the wrong reasons. I am thinking food, chinese and the people.

I also had a good time with AJ today. We chatted over chilli chicken and porotta. Both were good.

I need to plan out my time to decide how I am going to manage the rest of my time here and get my goals done. This is vital.

I am now in the stage that Covey pointed out – I am very busy but not very effective. It’s the wrong forest people.




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