Day 26: Windows is here!


Finally, after 25 days of whining, screaming and annoying myself, I finally have Windows XP installed on my Mac using VirtualBox. I can finally run windows and hopefully use softwares that are more windows compatible. I could begin with Dreamweaver and then move onto ASP.NET. Finally start with Abacus and get the Torsion part of my work done.

I am going to stay at my Aunt’s for a few days from tomorrow. I intend to write during this time – finish up a couple of short stories more: I need to have four or five done if I need to keep my target of getting twenty stories done. I finally had a good review on the Coconut Baron from H – She’s very critical, so I believe her review. It simply confirms my belief that I am a good story teller! 🙂

Also, I am quite fed up of being home – I long to be somewhere else for a change.

Just tired. Oh for a good sleep.

I am reading “The crippled Tree” – which is a fascinating account of China. Amazing, I’m really enthralled by that country – How I wish I could have spent a few months there! I day!



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