Day 25: The story of the half


So here it is. Day 25. I’m now 25% of the way towards my destination of a 100 days. Just to brush myself, I am on a medical leave of absence from my university now and I wanted to make the maximum use of these days, so I set myself a list of 7 goals to be accomplished in a hundred days. This began on January 12, 2012 so that the one hundredth day would be 1 May, 2012. The significance of this date is that it is then that I would submit my papers for readmission for the next semester and hopefully get back to the United States. You can read all my goals on Day 1.

Twenty five percent has a special significance for me. There is a saying in my native tongue (M) that literally translated to “You half, God half”. What this is meant to imply is that in any task that you do, half would be your contribution, while the other half would be from God. No to be taken literally of course – if you are running a 5K, this does not mean God is going to run half of the marathon. I think this refers to all those extraneous factors that are totally beyond your control – which are definitely part of any exercise. You may call this Luck, the people from my native state would prefer God.

I read a very interesting article once that gave a new twist to this saying. The author claimed that he could pinpoint where God would begin and end his influence. He (sorry to my female readers – Nah! You are all optical fibers anyway) cannot help you begin, as this would mean that God is partial to you – which is a gross violation to all the other participants. He cannot help you finish, the same logic applying here as well. Thus, if you put in the first 25% and the last 25%, God would take care of the half in between.

Growing up, I derived a lot of comfort from this saying. To begin something is also a lot harder than simply maintaining it. So if I begin something and put in enough effort, there would come a period where things kinda happen by themselves. Then the task is to take it to completion. I would eagerly begin a task and then wait for God to put that on Auto pilot. I started to learn something – let’s say calculus, would struggle with the initial concepts, then understand them and soon would be more than half way through the chapter. Then I would come across more advanced topics, where I would lose interest and stop. This is not a very good example, but is the only one that I can think of now.

I think very differently about this saying now.

For one, I would like God to take charge of the whole 100% and not just the half in between! But also, I would like to think that he/she is with me in the beginning and the end as well – so that I am not orphaned at either ends of my task.

What would the Gita say?

For one, I am sure that the Gita would claim that it’s all you – “You half, You half”. Further, it would argue that we should do our tasks unmindful of the results so that anything in between shouldn’t affect us – God is an omnipotent being, it is stupid to imagine that he has no role in something..

Aaargh! I really don’t know – it could either be “You half, You half” or “God half, God half” – depending on your point of view. 🙂

It’s definitely not a mix of both!







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