Day 19: Athaho Brahma Jijnyasa


Athaho : I don’t know (I mean I really don’t know what that means..)

Brahma : would be the equivalent of God. I treat it personally as a kind of Universal essence, whatever that might mean

Jijnyasa: Curiosity. The desire to know and understand.

All knowledge evolves from Jijnyasa. You are perked by something and you run behind it, until you feel like you understand it. Brahma jijnyasa would therefore mean the desire to understand God. This apparently is what is required for a true student, the desire to learn. Hindu philosophy, particularly that enunciated in the Gita, underscores this kind of curiosity as the sublimest and noblest of all kinds of knowledge. If you understand the root of everything, then surely you understand it all and beyond?

I find it interesting how easy it is to start speaking abstractly once I begin speaking about the other wordly.

People, especially those who consider themselves educated, scoff at people who talk of the spiritual knowledge. Many don’t even consider it “knowledge” in the true sense of the term.


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