Day 18: The war of the operating systems IV


Have you heard the story of the wolf that was caught between two rams?

In a forest, there was once a a very cunning greedy wolf. One day, He happened to see two string rams grazing with their herd at the edge of the forest. Now, the clever wolf knew that he could not fight and defeat a single ram on his own – let alone two. He thought of a clever strategy. He went to Ram 1 and told him”psst..psst…Ram 2 over there called you a wussy..” and to Ram 2 he said ” Ram 1 is fucking with your wife. I saw them making out behind those bushes..” The ram’s were strong but weren’t too smart. They lunged at each other and began a vicious fight. The wolf was delighted – he would soon be feasting on the fresh flesh of not one, but two hunky beasts. The Rams readied for one last fight, stomping their paws on the ground and gearing up to hit each other with their powerful horns, they lunged back and dashed at each other. But the greedy wolf could contain himself no longer, he moved closer to the rams so that he could lick any spilt blood from the collision. His greed drew him closer and closer until, the stomping rams ran directly into the wolf from either side and squashed him to death. The rams soon forgot their quarrel and went back to grazing.

I am now caught between the determined fight of two opposing operating systems – between Windows on one side and Mac OS on the other. After five days of patient download, windows 7 finally lodged itself on my system. However, after patiently burning the whole thing onto a DVD, I found my earlier issue resurfacing again. “Fatal Error: No bootable device found”. I officially give up.

I don’t think I can solve this mess by myself. I have no idea what’s going on. Maybe i should find an apple store somewhere nearby (and that’s a big if) and ask them to fix this.

Let’s see where this is headed.


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