Day 8: Java and the tensor


I came to find out quite accidentally that Mac has Java inbuilt into it’s system and that I don’t have to install a developer kit. I love my Mac all the more now. I have been having fun since yesterday night working with Java and learning how to program with it. So far, I have not learned anything that I didn’t know from C++. But the book that I am using – Programming with Java, E Balagurusamy  – is rather good and it does proceed in the later stages to Applets and other stuff. Can’t wait to reach there….

I am like doing this and that all the time. Morning is usually with Java. Then some Tensors. Then Gym, then this; that … Where did Java come from? I mean this wasn’t part of my original six things to do. Maybe I should start a new blog where I declare a new goal each day. A goal a day for 100 days. Would be the most useless blog that I have ever written or read.

I did process a bunch of stuff before time line 10 – a new short story, a blog about my depression and some progress on Solid Mech. ehem ehem…

Oh and gym was good today. My chest hurts. It feels soooo good!!


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